Yesterday, across the UK, thousands of men and women from the events industry, held events across the UK to help raise awareness and call upon our Government to “THROW US A LINE”.

Corona Virus graphic

COVID-19 coronavirus update

In light of the concerns of COVID-19, I wanted to keep you all as informed as possible with regards to future events booked with Disco Fever and Big Smile Booth.

Woman proposing to her boyfriend

Leap year love!

It’s the 29th Feb and it’s a very special day! But why do women traditionally propose on this day? Where did the tradition come from?

Couple during their first dance

Real Weddings – Lizzie & Jay

Lizzie & Jay booked me in March 2019 to DJ at their wedding last night and it was pretty clear right from the off that they were well into their music!


Where’s the party?

It may seem like a stupid question. Surely the party is at the venue you’ve chosen, right? WRONG! Where YOU are is way more important than you think!