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5 top tips to keep your dance floor packed!

Ask ANYONE and they'll tell you that their worst nightmare is an empty dance floor so here are my top tips to help get the party rocking and keep it going strong all night!

So here’s a nightmare you might not have thought about until it’s too late, an empty dance floor.

You’ve booked the best DJ or band in town, spent hours perfecting that perfect list of tunes to be played and no-one is dancing ūüôĀ

Now, you could drag people out onto the floor, but it rarely works.  They may hang around for a song and then sit back down, or head back to the bar.

You need a way to get your guests to naturally, and willingly, make their own way onto the dance floor without making them feel like they have to!  Luckily for you, here are my top 5 tips to help make that happen!

1/ Set The Mood

It’s important to make your guests feel like they’re actually at a party.¬† If it’s a wedding and they’ve been sat in the same room for most of the day at the wedding breakfast and the same room is being used for the evening party, it’s important that it looks different.¬† A great way of doing this is by using simple mood lighting.¬† Some carefully placed lights placed around the room can transform any space instantly.¬† Think also about the music being played during the early parts of the party as guests arrive, keep it popular and upbeat.

2/ Make Sure There’s Space

Small dance floors are too cramped and huge big ones can make people feel really self-conscious¬†as they’re having a boogie.¬† As a rule of thumb plan for around 3 square feet of dance floor space for every two guests so if you have 120 people at your wedding you’ll need a 14ft x 14ft dance floor.¬† If you have 150 you’ll need a 16ft x 16ft and for 200 people, an 18ft x 18ft dance floor would be perfect.¬† This also takes into consideration that not everyone will be dancing at the same time.¬† In an ideal world, everyone would be but the reality is that some will be sat down, others may be at the bar or the photo booth.

3/ Guest Requests

It’s important you let your guests select some songs because without them it would be a pretty lonely party!¬† There are loads of fun ways you can do this.¬† Set up a Facebook group before your party and invite all your friends in to talk about their favourite songs.¬† A popular way of getting your guests to choose songs is to ask them to list their three favourites on an RSVP but without doubt, one of the best ways to get your friends choosing songs is to allow them to request them¬†on the night.¬† Emotions and moods change by the second when you’re at a party and giving your friends the freedom to choose the music is a powerful tool and one you should certainly welcome!

4/ Give the DJ some space!

You’ve booked a DJ because they’ve got a ton of experience of DJ’ing at hundreds of parties each year yet you’re going to give them a list of songs and they must stick to that list like glue.¬† Uh-oh!¬† Surely it would’ve been easier, and cheaper, to just rent a set of speakers and plug your iPod in?¬† The great thing about a DJ is that they know what gets people dancing.¬† Give them a list of songs you love and songs you hate, and the freedom to mix it up.¬†¬†Don’t micromanage your DJ!

5/ Be In The Room!

This seems really obvious, but you gotta dance!¬† The best weddings are those where it’s clear that the newlyweds are smashing it up on the dance floor!¬† The party is where¬†you¬†are.¬† So if you’re both at the bar, the party is at the bar, if you’re outside, it’s outside, if you’re on the dance floor, that’s where everyone will be.¬† Find members of your friends and family who will lead a movement to the floor, this way they’ll have your back if you’re busy elsewhere.

If you’re ready to turn your wedding, birthday or mitzvah into a fantastic celebration, and you’ve found my tips above useful, you can call or text me on 07799 782764.¬† If you prefer I can be reached directly by email at and you can check my availability for your wedding or party by clicking on the contact me link at the top of the screen!


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My name’s Ian and i’m the owner of Disco Fever.¬† I’ve been a DJ for over 25 years and have DJ’d at thousands of parties picking up a wealth of experience in event planning and making people dance along the way!

Previously I’ve been chairman of SEDA, the South Eastern DJ Association (twice!) and now sit on the Committee of NADJ; the National Association of DJs.

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