Where’s the party? It’s not as obvious as you think!

It may seem like a stupid question. Surely the party is at the venue you've chosen, right? WRONG! Where YOU are is way more important than you think!

A woman being raised in the air at a party

So it’s your wedding day. Months if not years of prep have gone into making this day the very best it can be. All your friends and family are there, some of whom you may not have seen for a while and before you know it, you’ve spent the whole day talking and the DJ is playing the last song. I get it. It’s important to be social, after all, it’s good manners, right?

I want to use this article to make you think a little bit differently so imagine we’re having the following conversation a few days before your wedding…

ME: So who is the wedding for?
YOU: Us!
ME: Right!

ME: And what is this day all about?
YOU: Us!
ME: Right!

ME: Why is everyone there?
YOU: Us!
ME: Right!

ME: Where’s the wedding party?
YOU: Buxted Park Hotel
ME: Wrong!

The party is wherever YOU are.

If you’re at the bar, that’s where the party is.

If you’re outside smoking, that’s where the party is.

If you’re sitting at a table, that’s where the party is.

If you’re in the photo booth, that’s where the party is.

If you’re busting some moves on the dance floor, that’s where the party is!

Does that make sense?

Your guests are there for YOU. They want to be seen with you, laughing with you, in the photo booth with you and they certainly want to be on the dance floor with you. Some of the best parties I’ve DJ’d at are the ones where the Bride & Groom can be seen ripping up the dance floor to their favourite tunes.

If you’re out there ripping up the dance floor, your guests will be more likely to join you, even the ones who never dance!

Think about putting together a party crew, a few of your friends who like to party hard. The ones who will have your back if you do end up being pulled away to talk to your guests. Being on the dance floor is just as important as the songs the DJ is playing.

I hope you’ve found this article useful. As ever if you want to get in touch and check my availability for your wedding or party just fill in my short contact form.  You can also email me directly at hello@ianforest.com or call/text or WhatsApp me at 07799 782764!

Take care x