Don’t mention the W-word!

It's not very often that I immediately load up my website and start blogging because of something I've seen online but I was so annoyed I had to reach for the keyboard!

A woman holding her finger to her mouth telling you to keep quiet

A very well-known wedding planning website is advising couples that whenever they’re getting a quote for something for their wedding, they shouldn’t mention that they’re getting married because suppliers will increase their prices.

I’ll be honest, I’ve seen this type of discussion going on in the various wedding groups online so it is a real problem. I guess when you’re sat on that side of the screen, as a couple planning a wedding, it’s difficult to understand why you might pay more for a service for your wedding compared to a birthday party for example.

The Problem

Bride & Groom's shoes

Let’s be honest…weddings aren’t cheap.

The cost of living is forever increasing month by month, so it’s no wonder that couples are looking for handy cost-saving tips.

The Bridebook UK Wedding Report for 2024 tells us that the average cost of a wedding in the UK is around £20k or almost £26k once you’ve factored in the engagement ring and honeymoon.

The venue, dress, suits, rings, FOOD, it all adds up very quickly, therefore, a saving here and there can mount up and leave more of the paper stuff in your pocket.

Should you lie to a potential supplier?


It might be tempting in the hope you save a few quid but honestly? 100% no.

Anything you book for your wedding will be more expensive than the same or similar service for any other type of party.

When people book me as their DJ for a birthday celebration, very rarely will I have a conversation with them in the run-up to the party. We’ll email each other a few times but generally, most of the planning can be done through my app.

If you booked me for your wedding, we might have several phone conversations, maybe a meeting at the venue and we’ll exchange 30 or 40 emails before the big day. If you booked my all-day package, we’ll certainly talk much more than that and I’ll even come and meet you in your home a couple of times.

In short, I’ll spend a huge amount of time on your wedding before I even start loading the car and I have to put a value on that time.

But a party is a party, right?

Weddings require a completely different mindset.

I’ll still bring the same amount of skill, equipment and music but a wedding requires more thought, more consideration and much more attention to detail.

I don’t want to be that guy who ruined a wedding because I accidentally played the wrong first dance, or introduced a same-sex couple as Mr & Mrs whatever.

The same goes for your food, your MUA, your hair stylist and your photographer – it all has to be meticulously planned. It will be the most photographed and most important event you’ll ever plan and it needs to be perfect.

Thankfully, all my clients recognise the value and expertise a skilled wedding DJ can bring to the party. It’s not all about turning up, pressing play now and again and going home.

Warning! ⚠️

Some DJs in the many Facebook groups I hang around in claim to have walked away from a party when they discover that it’s not the type of party they were originally booked for.

I’m not sure I would have the cojones to do that myself, and it’s never happened to me, but I’d probably be annoyed. Not because I’d lost a few quid but it’s that old customer/supplier trust thing. I want to make sure you get the best celebration possible and I don’t want to feel like I was lied to.

If you are considering telling a few porky pies to save a few quid, take it from me, it’s not worth the hassle.

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