The 30 best wedding songs to walk down the aisle to

Walking down the aisle is probably the grandest entrance you'll make on your wedding day but what track is perfect for that moment?

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Songs that you choose for your wedding day create moments that will live in your memory forever. The songs themselves are a great way to express who you are as a couple.

Walking down the aisle is the grandest entrance of all and the song you choose carries HUGE significance. As soon as that first note hits, all that time spent planning this very special day suddenly becomes real. It’s been your focus and all eyes are on you so you need a song that represents this very significant moment.

But what to choose? There are millions of tracks out there, it’s a lot harder than you think.

Choosing the right song

Where to begin? I’ve got some great insider tips for you right here!


Work out how these songs will be played. Are you going for a recorded track or maybe a pianist, singer or harp for example? The format you decide on will help you make some other choices easily so it’s important to decide on this first.


This is an incredibly important song choice and it will live rent-free in your memory for a long time. Think about songs that express your feelings towards your partner. Are you marrying your school crush or has it taken a while to get to this moment in your life? If you’re walking down the aisle with your Dad by your side then maybe you need a song that connects with that particular emotion or do you have a song that is so special to both you and your partner?


The speed of the song you choose is really important and will dictate how quickly you walk down the aisle. If you are planning to sprint down there then a slow song really won’t fit into that moment so think about the speed and align it up with a track that matches. If you have your heart set on an uptempo track but want to walk slowly then look for an acoustic version if it’s available.


Walking down the aisle can take seconds so you need to think about the length song itself. Maybe adjust the start and finish points so that the song fades or finishes as you arrive in front of your partner. Are children, bridesmaids or groomsmen walking down the aisle before you to the same song?

The 30 best wedding songs to walk down the aisle to

Here are some great song choices to hopefully make the choice a little bit easier. Some you will have heard of, and some not.

I hope you enjoyed this list!

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