The 10 best wedding songs for your grand entrance!

You've said your vows, had loads of pictures taken with your friends and family and now it's time for the wedding breakfast! You need an uplifting track to make your grand entrance to so here are my top 10 music suggestions!

A Bride and Groom making their grand entrance jumping in the air

No pressure but your grand entrance is a big deal!

Other than the ceremony itself, it’s one of the key parts of the day and you need to enter the room in style as a married couple to a song that kicks off on the right note!

Luckily, I know a bit about music, specifically grand entrances, as I’ve seen a few in my time so here are my top 10 suggestions!

I hope you liked the list!

You can, of course, have any track you like.  Anything goes but not everything works so if none of the above works for you then maybe pick a track that has great meaning for you both.  What fun, upbeat songs do you both love?  Is there a particular track that you both sing along to in the car?

Are you ready to start planning your dream wedding?

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