5 wedding regrets from REAL couples

Planning a wedding can be exciting, yet stressful. Here are 5 things that real Brides REGRET spending money on at their wedding!

I saw a really interesting post this morning on social media, a post that had attracted over 300 comments from real couples.

What were the things that you really regretted spending money on at your wedding?

A wedding is one of the biggest days of your life.  It can also be one of the biggest wastes of money if you don’t spend wisely.  Here’s the list…

1/ Guests that don’t show up

This was, by far, the most popular answer, especially if they are there for the whole day, with some couples paying hundreds of pounds per person.  No show guests can leave you stressed on the day so it’s important to keep on top of your guest list during the planning stage.

2/  Wedding cars

There’s no doubt that a beautiful, classic, vintage or modern car is a great way to arrive in style at your wedding.  It also appears to be the second most popular spending regret on the list.  One Bride paid £600 for a car she spent less than 10 minutes in, another £300 for just 5 minutes!  Another Bride suggested a knackered, old, Fiat Panda covered in wedding bows would’ve done the job just as well!

3/ Wedding favours

As a DJ, I see a lot of these left on the tables or on the floor at the end of the wedding breakfast and the general feeling that other couples see them as a total waste of money.  A popular one I’ve seen many times is a lottery ticket – the chance of winning a few quid is an opportunity too good to miss and there’s always a bit of excitement thrown in for good measure if anyone wins 🙂

4/ Buffet

A lot of couples mentioned that overspending on the buffet is something they wish they hadn’t done.  It certainly doesn’t help when a good chunk of your evening guests don’t turn up to the party either as that could leave you with a lot of leftover food.

5/ Sweetie cart

This one surprised me if i’m honest as each time I’ve seen one, certainly by 11 pm the sweeties are long gone!

So there we have it, those were the top 5.  There were loads of other suggestions too…

  • Dance floor flip flops for the ladies.
  • LOVE letters.
  • Wedding cake.
  • Cheap photographer.
  • Balloons.
  • Personalised coat hangers.
  • Fresh flowers for the wedding breakfast tables.
  • Throw-away cameras.
  • Toilet baskets.
  • Sparklers.
  • Dove release.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.  If you need a DJ for your wedding then please get in touch.  Alternatively, you can call me on 07799 782764 or email me directly at info@discofever.co.uk.


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My name’s Ian and i’m the owner of Disco Fever.  I’ve been a DJ for over 25 years and have DJ’d at thousands of parties picking up a wealth of experience in event planning and making people dance along the way!

Previously I’ve been chairman of SEDA, the South Eastern DJ Association (twice!) and now sit on the Committee of NADJ; the National Association of DJs.

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