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5 top tips to help you survive a wedding fayre

Wedding fayres can be a bit daunting so i'm going to give you 5 top tips to help you survive the wedding fair jungle like a boss!

The most popular times of year for wedding fayres are the first three and last three months of the year.  This way organisers can capitalise on all the new engagements during the summer and at Christmas and New Year.

There are two different types of wedding fayre, ones organised by a venue and one by a wedding fair organiser.  The venue-organised ones are great in that you get to speak to wedding suppliers that come recommended by the venue.  There are loads of merits when choosing these suppliers and I’ll go through those in a future blog post.  The other type, organised by companies who specialise in wedding fairs are generally huge marketplaces featuring suppliers who have all paid for a stand.

Whichever type of fayre you go to, my tips are just the same…

1/ Look at the body language of the Suppliers

Suppliers who are enthusiastic and passionate about their business, and more importantly, your wedding, will be standing at the front of their stand actively engaging with visitors, not sitting at a table staring at their mobile phone.  If they’re already showing that little interest in you and your wedding how enthusiastic do you think they’re going to be on the day?

2/ Walk around at least once before chatting with anyone

When you walk in, coordinate your route around the fair as if you are doing your shopping in the local supermarket.  Look at all the different stands before talking to anyone.  Remember, you don’t need to do ALL of your planning in one visit.  Try to identify the stands that are generating a natural buzz and also those suppliers who are really giving couples the hard sell.

3/ Answer more questions than you ask

Suppliers with a genuine interest in your wedding will be enthusiastic about finding out about you and your big day more than chatting about their products or services.  It can be scary and annoying with so many people asking questions but if you’re not interested, all you have to do and say is “no thank you”.

4/ Don’t rush to make decisions

Some suppliers may book up quickly and you may need to act fast but don’t feel pressured into making rash decisions.  If you didn’t have it in mind before you entered the door then don’t book or buy it on impulse.  Go home, think about it, and 5 days later if you still really want it then contact the supplier.

5/ Wheeling and dealing

Wedding fairs are a great opportunity to talk to suppliers face-to-face.  Don’t be afraid to haggle, especially if you are interested in a few things they offer because you will find that they will be more than willing to do you a deal.  Make sure you get a quote in writing as the suppliers are talking to so many people, they may forget what they said to you.

Important Notes!  Make sure to find out if there are any hidden costs that may come up and bite you later on.  Delivery, set-up and collection costs are the main ones to keep an eye out for!

And finally…

Enjoy every second of this as once you get married you won’t get to enjoy this fun after the big day.  If your partner is not really enamoured with the prospect of coming with you then don’t bring them, bring your best friends instead and have a blast!

You can find out which wedding fayres I’ll be at if you scroll down to the bottom.  In the meantime, to find out just how much fun you could have at your wedding just call or text me now on 07799 782764.  If you prefer you can email me directly at or you can click on the contact me link at the top of the screen.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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Previously I’ve been chairman of SEDA, the South Eastern DJ Association (twice!) and now sit on the Committee of NADJ; the National Association of DJs.

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