5 top tips for an amazing first dance!

The first dance is one of the most special and intimate moments of your wedding day so here are 5 tips to help make that moment super-special!

A bride and groom during their first dance at Hendall Manor Barns

In my previous blog post, I looked at some popular first dance songs (part 1 & part 2 here) that couples are choosing right now. Hopefully, this helped you a little bit but if you’re having trouble choosing your first dance, I want to give you some cool ideas to make that moment where you are standing on the dance floor in front of all your family and friends super-special. It’s the moment that everyone’s been looking forward to, your first dance together as a married couple.

To be honest, the first dance is pretty magical on its own but there are some cool things you can do to enhance it even more!


Ask the venue staff to dim the lights in the function room. Get some indoor sparklers and give them to your family and friends to wave around. It will be like dancing amongst the stars and looks awesome in pictures!


How about being showered with thousands of bubbles as you do your first dance? A bubble machine is a fantastic add-on and you don’t need to worry about the dance floor becoming slippy as professional bubble fluid is dry when it pops!

Dry Ice

Re-create that magical fairy tale moment as you and your partner dance on pure white fluffy clouds! A specialist machine is used to create an awesome dry-ice effect that hugs the dance floor. This is a great way of adding an instant WOW factor to your first dance!

Confetti Cannons

For a fun vibe during a certain part of your first dance song, one of our large confetti cannons leaves a lasting memory that again creates awesome pictures. They are a bit messy though so you might have to clear it with your venue first just in case they have hidden charges for clearing up the aftermath!

Surprise Wedding Dance

You’ve seen them all on YouTube going viral, so create your own! Involving your bridal party in a crazy dance is another great idea and you’ll all have fun rehearsing it in the run-up to your wedding and of course, performing it on the night!

There are loads of other things you can do and I hope to cover them in future blog posts but remember, the sky is the limit…it’s your wedding day and there are no rules!

I hope this has helped you a little bit :)

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