5 reasons why I’m NOT the right DJ for you

Need a DJ for your wedding? I'm going to give you five good reasons why you shouldn't book me! That's right! SHOULDN'T book me :)

A man wearing a wig at a wedding celebration

I can tell you, I wouldn’t want to be looking for a DJ right now because when it comes to finding a DJ for your wedding, there’s so much choice out there.

Anyone these days can grab a laptop or tablet with a Spotify subscription and a few twinkly lights and call themselves a DJ. No musical knowledge is required as most of these online streaming services even offer playlists featuring all the big party anthems.

Whatever your budget you can easily find someone willing to DJ at your wedding or birthday party, so how do you narrow down your options and rule out all the cowboys?

Well, I’m here to help you cross one person off your list, and that’s me. That’s right…me!

Here are five reasons why I’m not the right DJ for you.

I don’t have lots of disco lights

You know those party pictures you see online and on social media featuring a DJ with loads of pretty laser beams and so on? Or maybe the DJ’s equipment looks beautiful in a gorgeous venue? Ever noticed that the focus is on the equipment and there’s never anyone dancing?

Loads of equipment and lights = value for money, right?

Wrong! If you end up booking me you won’t be getting lots of lights.

What you will get is great music with people dancing, you know, like an old-fashioned party?

But hey, don’t worry… you won’t be partying in the dark, I do have some lights :) They change colour and make pretty shapes on the wall and add to the atmosphere but they certainly won’t make a beautiful venue look like a disco shop with wires dangling all over the place.

I don’t talk on the microphone

DJs love the sound of their own voice.

Some folk like to hear the DJ talking, introducing songs and telling everyone that the buffet is “open” and that there’s a taxi outside for Jenny & Paul because it makes it look like the DJ is making an effort right?

If that’s the type of DJ you’re after then don’t choose me.

Sure, I’ll introduce important things like the first dance, and make you feel really special with a proper, personalised announcement but I find that people dance to music and that’s difficult if the DJ is yapping all night.

I don’t smile

Ok, so that’s not strictly true. I do smile, I am a happy kind of guy but you know when you see some folk who have that fake permanent smile tattooed on their face? Sorry, but that’s not me.

Unfortunately, I have RBF, aka resting bitch face. It’s when you unintentionally appear to be bored, annoyed or irritated.

I’m not though. I’m just focused and concentrating on what I’m doing. I’ve got a million things charging around inside my head whilst trying to be brilliant on the decks. What songs are coming up, special announcements, volume, technical stuff and most importantly…are people dancing?

So if after reading this post you still book me, and I’m at your wedding and it looks like I’m bored out of my brains…there’s a party going on inside my head! Come and talk to me. It’s a lonely job and I’ll appreciate it.

I don’t offer loads of different “things”

I’ve seen some DJs offering tons of amazing add-ons such as sweetie carts, chair covers, balloons, popcorn machines, love letters, table centres, venue styling, prosecco walls, doughnut walls, chocolate walls, crisp walls, cigar bars, etc, etc. The list is endless. I’ve heard that some DJs are even fully qualified celebrants!

I guess it could be a good thing, you could get everything from one guy, at a nice price.

If that kind of thing floats your boat, I’m not for you.

I only specialise in things i’m good at, like being a DJ for weddings and other kinds of parties. My partner, Denise, is good at running the photo booth and my mate Geoff is good at laying dance floors. It just kind of works seamlessly, you know? Smooth, no hassle, no drama, totally stress-free.

I’m too expensive.

I’m not the cheapest DJ in my area, I’m also not the most expensive.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind a bit of good old-fashioned haggling but if you’re playing me off against Dave Doubledecks and you want me to match his too-good-to-be-true price, then I’m not the right DJ for you.

My prices are based on a mix of what I consider to be my level of experience and what I need to earn to live, eat and pay my bills.

I’ve been doing this for over 25 years so I’ve seen a lot in that time and gained a whole heap of knowledge along the way so I need to put a price on that. If we’ve been talking for a while and you like what I do then that’s because you’ve found my prices to be perfectly reasonable.

If you don’t think I’m worth it then you’ll easily find someone who will fit your budget.


So there you go, five really good reasons why you shouldn’t choose me to be your DJ.

The reality is that there are tons of factors that you should consider before making a decision.

You need someone with the right attitude, the right personality and the one who gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside and makes you think, you know what, this guy is going to deliver and smash it out of the park!

The point of this post was not to blow my own trumpet and appear to be arrogant. It’s about making you think about what is truly important when choosing a DJ so if you came up with other reasons why I’m no good for you then I’d genuinely love to hear them!

If you can’t decide between a DJ or a band, then check out this post where I asked loads of couples what they thought!

If I’ve not put you off but made you think differently about who to choose just fill in my short contact form.  You can also email me directly at hello@ianforest.com or call/text or WhatsApp me at 07799 782764!